The Who Cares About Beer Festival 2016

The festival will take place on 3rd of September at and around the brewery with the beginning at 15:00 and ending at 00.00.
There will be 60+ different top craft beers to choose from, some of them will be poured by representatives of the breweries themselves (soon we will announce them).
The beer will be poured in festival glasses by 1 to 2 dl.
Between 16:00 and 18:00 you are warmly welcomed to an organized conference where top brewers and representatives of the best craft breweries together with Vasja Golar will share their views on beer and tell their stories. They will be pleased to have a relaxed conversation and answer to all your questions. Home brewers, brewers and all others interested are welcomed to the conference.
You can also bring your CRAFT(!) beer or homebrew (max 5 pieces) to the festival but we ask you to be careful with the bottles and packagings. You can exchange these bottles / cans with the other participants of the festival or you can of course also share them with others. Please throw empty cans, bottles, … into the trash. We ask for fair and decent behavior towards all the festival visitors, so come and find new friends.

Beside beer there is one more very essential thing for us. And that is great MUSIC. Therefore we will accompany the great brews with the coolest concerts which will begin at 18:00 and last until the end of the festival. Afterparty will continue in the surrounding pubs while the majority is expected to log to Pivohram Golar on the Slovenian side of the border.